Zeri's A La Carte Menu

Zeris A La Carte Menu

Mark Zerafa made his name well known in the restaurant business
by providing a rare treat to his patrons. A traveller with a passion for fishing, and the love to explore various tastes from around the world.

This menu reflects: simplicity, freshness, and innovation; by utilizing wholesome Mediterranean delicacies, thus creating a
memorable dining experience for our esteemed clients.


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Antipasti to share…

2 Fish cakes – €8.50
Pan fried calamari
as Starter – €12.50 as Main – €16.50
Octopus in garlic
as Starter – €15.50 as Main – €18.50
Black mussels in bianco
as Starter – €11.50 as Main – €15.00
Black Angus Beef Carpaccio €13.50
Rocket leaves/ parmesan shavings/ cracked black peppercorns / lemon res
Norwegian Salmon Carpaccio €11.50
Lemon & dill dressing/ mixed baby leaves
Fish Soup €9.50
Rich fish stock/ onions/ tomatoes/ mint
Baked Brie & Forest Fruit Tart (V) €13.50
Rocket leaves & roasted pine nuts
Burratina €12.00
Creamy mozzarella/ baby salad leaves/ cherry tomatoes/ beetroot coulis/ basil pesto dressing

Pasta Dishes
Pistachio Pesto Risotto
Carnaroli Risotto / Parmesan / Mascarpone
Starter €12.50 / Main €17.00

Linguine Vongole
Fresh clams/ white wine/ garlic/ cherry tomatoes
Starter €13.50 / Main €18.00

Linguine Red Local Prawn and Zucchini
Red Local Prawns/ zucchini/ cherry tomatoes/ prawn bisque
Starter €14.75 / Main €19.25

Pappardelle Beef Ragu
Rich tomato sauce / burgundy wine / carrots / onions
Starter €13.50 / Main €18.00

Porcini Ravioli al Uovo (V)
Asparagus / Roast Cherry Tomatoes / Garlic / White Wine / Thyme
Starter €12.50 / Main €17.00

For any vegetarian or any other special dietary requirements kindly advise a member of staff.

Main Dishes

(All dishes below are served with potatoes and vegetables)

Beef Tenderloin 250g €29.50
Black Angus beef fillet/ pepper jus or rosemary jus or sauce bearnaise

Tenderloin Beef Medallions 250g € 29.50
Rocket leaves/ parmesan shavings/ balsamic & olive oil dressing

Argentinean  Beef Ribeye 300g € 24.50 | 400g € 28.50
Pepper jus or rosemary jus or sauce bearnaise

Lamb tender Fillets € 26.00
Curried mango chutney/ mint & yoghurt sauce

Milk fed Veal Frenched Rack € 27.50
Pan seared/ mushroom, spinach and cream sauce

All dishes are served with potatoes & vegetables.
Extra potatoes or vegetables come at an additional charge of €4.00
Extra sauce come at an additional charge of €3.50

Fish Dishes

(All dishes below are served with potatoes and vegetables)

Local Red Prawns € 28.00
Prawn bisque / side salad or parsley rice

Fillet of Brown Meagre € 26.50
Flat grilled/ marinated grilled zucchini & capsicums/ lemon & parsley sauce

Fillet of Seabass € 24.50
Flat grilled/ baby spinach & sun dried sweet cherry tomatoes/ lemon & parsley sauce

Small Seabass Al Sale or Grilled €24.50

Fresh Fish of the Day (price per 100g) € 5.80
A wide variety of locally caught fish.
Methods of cooking: Oven Baked, Al Sale, Cartoccio, Grilled.

All dishes are served with potatoes & vegetables
Extra potatoes | vegetables come at a charge of €4.00

Side Dishes
Mixed Salad € 3.95
Also served as a starter at €7.50.

Rocket Leave, Parmesan & Cherry Tomato Salad € 4.25
Also served as a starter at €8.50.

Parsley Rice € 3.95

Sautéed Mushrooms €4.25

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