Zeri's A La Carte Menu

Zeris A La Carte Menu

This highly acclaimed restaurant presents to you this menu that is imaginative and inspirational and that reflects Zeri’s (as Mark the Chef Patron is known) personal skills in adapting and creating dishes with a traditional Mediterranean flavour .

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Antipasti to share…

Pan fried calamari – €11.95
Octopus in garlic – €12.50
2 Fish cakes – €8.50
Black mussels in bianco – €10.50
Black Angus Beef Carpaccio €12.50
Rocket leaves/ parmesan shavings/ cracked black peppercorns/ lemon res
Norwegian Salmon Carpaccio €11.50
Lemon & dill dressing/ mixed baby leaves
Fish Soup €9.50
Rich fish stock/ onions/ tomatoes/ mint
Gozo Cheese & Dried Fig Tart (V) €10.50
Baby spinach leaves/ orange & carob dressing
Burratina €12.00
Creamy mozzarella/ baby salad leaves/ cherry tomatoes/ beetroot coulis/ basil pesto dressing

Pasta Dishes

Roast Pumpkin, Brie and Honey Risotto €12.50
Carnaroli Risotto / Roast pumpkin puree/ Brie cheese/ pine nuts

Vongole Linguine € 12.50
Fresh clams/ white wine/ garlic/ cherry tomatoes

Red Local Prawn and Zucchini Linguine € 14.50
Red Local Prawns/ zucchini/ cherry tomatoes/ prawn bisque

Beef Ragu Pappardelle € 13.50
Rich tomato sauce / burgundy wine / carrots / onions

Porcini Ravioli al Uovo € 12.50
Asparagus / Roast Cherry Tomatoes / Garlic / White Wine / Thyme

Pasta can be ordered as a main course at an extra charge of €4.50.
For any vegetarian or any other special dietary requirements kindly advise a member of staff.

Main Dishes

(All dishes below are served with potatoes and vegetables)

Beef Tenderloin 250g €28.50
Black Angus beef fillet/ pepper jus or rosemary jus

Tenderloin Beef Medallions 250g € 28.50
Rocket leaves/ parmesan shavings/ balsamic & olive oil dressing

Argentinean  Beef Ribeye 400g € 24.50 | 400g € 28.50
Pepper jus or rosemary jus or sauce bearnaise

Lamb tender Fillets € 26.00
Curried mango chutney/ mint & yoghurt sauce

Milk fed Veal Frenched Rack € 26.50
Pan seared/ mushroom, spinach and cream sauce

Extra sauce come at an additional cost of €2.50 & Extra potatoes | vegetables at €4.50

Fish Dishes

(All dishes below are served with potatoes and vegetables)

Local Red Prawns € 28.00
Prawn bisque / side salad or parsley rice

Fresh Fish of the Day (price per 100g)
A wide variety of locally caught fish.
Methods of cooking: Oven Baked, Al Sale, Cartoccio, Flat Grilled.

Fillet of Brown Meagre € 26.50
Flat grilled/ marinated grilled zucchini & capsicums/ lemon & parsley sauce

Fillet of Seabass € 24.50
Flat grilled/ baby spinach & sun dried sweet cherry tomatoes/ lemon & parsley sauce

Small Seabass Al Sale or Grilled (according to weight)

Extra potatoes | vegetables come at a charge of €4.00

Side Dishes

Mixed Salad € 3.50
Also served as a starter at €7.50.

Rocket Leave, Parmesan & Cherry Tomato Salad € 4.25
Also served as a starter at €8.00.

Parsley Rice € 3.50

Sautéed Mushrooms €3.95

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